Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Зүрх судасны үндэсний конференци 2018

Хаяг: П.Н.Шастины Нэрэгмжит Улсын Гуравдугаар Төв Эмнэлэг, Зүрх судасны төв, 6-р давхар
Харилцах утас : 8096603, 99036295

Илтгэл өгүүллийг 2017 оны 8 сарын 20-ны өдөр хүртэл хүлээн авна. Хугацаа хоцорсон тохиолдолд хэлцэгдэх боломжгүй болохыг анхаарна уу.

Monday, April 30, 2018

APSC-Emirates Scholarship Open for Application

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the prestigious APSC-Emirates scholarship for promising fellows in training in ASPC countries is now open for application. 

Please find attached the announcement flyer and guidelines below. We'd be happy if you could kindly share it to your society's colleagues and friends.

1. Eligibility:

 APSC nationalities accepted/applying for training in an APSC endorsed training institution. Both applicant and training institution should be endorsed by the respective National Societies prior to granting the fellowship. The endorsement can be granted at point of application, if not already endorsed prior to application.

2. Application Process: 

The application may be made by the applicant directly, or through the National Society or training Institution. A concise curriculum vitae, training objectives, training institution and duration, a recommendation letter from the National Society and a short write-up by the applicant detailing how the training will help his community should be received by the APSC secretariat by May 7th, 2018 at

3.  Training should commence within a year of the award, failing which APSC reserves the right to withdraw the funding. In the event of a premature termination of training, the APSC has the right to request a refund of the training award pro-rated accordingly.

4. Preference to be given to trainees for hands-on attachment, and with greatest impact on improving the cardiovascular health of the respective applicant’s communities.

5.  Successful applicants are required to submit a training report at the end of their training to the council. They may be required to provide a brief summary of their experience at the next APSC Congress either within the main programme or at an APSC Council event.
We look forward to receiving your applications.

Kind regards,
Sayoko Watanabe
on behalf of
Wael Almahmeed
President, APSC

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

“ECHO ASE ASEAN” Зүрхний Эхоны 3-р хурал

Америк ба Азийн Зүрхний Эхоны Нийгэмлэгүүд хамтран зохион байгуулж буй 3-р “ECHO ASE ASEAN” хурал 2018 оны 3 сарын 22-24 өдрүүдэд Филлипин улсын Манил хотод зохион байгуулагдах гэж байна.
Энэ хурал нь зүрхний эхоны дээд хэмжээний сургалтыг АНУ-ыг зорих шаардлагагүйгээр Азийн оронд суралцах боломжийг олгодог. Энэ хуралд оролцсоноор Америкийн Зүрхний Эхоны Нийгэмлэгийн (American Society of Echocardiography) AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ кредит авах зэрэг олон давуу талтай.
Дараах хавсралтаар сургалтын танилцуулга, хөтөлбөрийг хүргэж байна. Нийгэмлэгийн гишүүн, зүрх судасны эмч болон зүрхний эхоны эмч нар идэвхтэй оролцоно уу.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

7th Asian Preventive Cardiology and Cardiac Rehablitation Conference

Cardiovascular disease, together with the control of its various risk factors, is a global challenge. It is associated with significant morbidity, mortality and economic loss. It is thus one of the goals of public health to reduce the incidence and prevalence, and manage the problems of cardiovascular disease in different parts of the world, including Asia.

To continue accomplishing this goal, we are most pleased to extend our warmest invitation to you to join the 7th Asian Preventive Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation Conference cum 11th Certificate Course in Cardiac Rehabilitation (APCCRC) which will be held on 8-11 November 2018 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.   Despite remarkable advances in the science of preventive cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation in recent years, residual risks causing prevalent cardiovascular diseases remain.  Therefore, the central theme of our upcoming conference is “Towards Further Risk Reduction: Novel Risk Factors, Novel Targets and Novel Tools”.  We are honoured to gather a group of dedicated experts again to present a 4-day program which covers a wide spectrum of topics of interest, latest advances and technologies and controversies in the field of cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation.

Friday, January 12, 2018

ESC Congress 2018 - Зүрхний эмч нарын нийгэмлэгийн гишүүд оролцох боломжтой боллоо

Хүндэт Д.Мөнгөнчимэг FESC танаа,

2018 оны 8 сарын 25-наас 29-ны өдөр Германы Мюньхен хотод болох Европын Зүрхний Нийгэмлэгийн (European Society of Cardiology - ESC)  конгресс 2018-д Монголын Зүрх судасны эмч нарын нийгэмлэгийн гишүүд оролцох оролцоонд нэмэлт боломжуудыг олгох боломжтой талаар мэдэгдэхээр энэхүү захиаг илгээж байна.

Европын Зүрхний нийгэмлэг нь өөрийн итгэмжилсэн Зүрх судасны үндэсний нийгэмлэгүүдтэй харилцах харилцааг идэвхитэйгээр дэмжин ажилладаг ба хамтын ажиллагааг улам бүр бэхжүүлэх шинэ арга замуудыг байнга эрэлхийлж байдаг. Дор дурьдагдаж буй боломжууд нь энэхүү харилцааг хөгжүүлэхэд чиглэгдсэн ба танай нийгэмлэг идэвхтэй оролцоно гэдэгт гүнээ найдаж байна.

Европын Зүрхний нийгэмлэгийн конгрессын үнэгүй бүртгэл
Европын Зүрхний нийгэмлэг нь танай орны 25 залуу эмч, судлаач нарт нийгэмлэгийн конгрессийн бүртгэлийн хураамжаас чөлөөлөгдөх боломжийг олгож байна. Энэ нь дэлхий дахины залуу эмч, судлаач нарконгресийн үед мэдээлэгддэг шинжлэх ухааны олон мэдээллээс суралцах мөн олон орны мэргэжилтэнүүдтэй танилцах, хамтран ажиллах, дэлхийд тэргүүлж буй мэргэжилтэнүүдээс ирээдүйн урам зориг олж авахад нь туслах туйлын зорилготой билээ.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Cardio Update Europe 2018 - Bratislava, June 28-30, 2018

Kurt Huber, Austria
Andre Keren, Israel
Béla Merkely, Hungary

Dear Colleagues,
The 3rd Cardio Update Europe was a great success this year in Prague, with over 700 registered delegates!
Join us again in 2018 and receive a comprehensive and valuable update on topics, such as: Atrial Fibrillation & Stroke Prevention, Hypertension, Acute Cardiac Care, Heart Failure and many more.
Our scientific board is working on creating another unique, cutting-edge program for 2018, ensuring that the most recent, relevant scientific research will be presented. Check out the 2018 Program!

Asian Pacific Society Cardiology Congress - APSC 2018


It gives me great pleasure and honor to announce that Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology (APSC) Congress 2018 will be organized by Taiwan Society of Cardiology (TSOC) in Taiwan from May 17 to 20, 2018.
APSC Congress series stand for top-notch scientific program in the field of cardiovascular medicine. Every two years, outstanding physicians and scientists gather at the Congress to release their advanced research and share best practices. Starting from 2018, this remarkable gathering will take place once a year. Taiwan is proud to be the first host of this new era of APSC Congress, recognizing the important contribution that Asia-Pacific region can make for the world in the field of cardiology.
To fully acknowledge the gravity of this change, we have arranged an enriching and diverse scientific program. In addition to plenary lectures, symposia, live demonstration and seminars, we also cooperate with societies in rest of the medical fields and host joint-sessions, accentuating a holistic view of cardiology, and to have a broader scale in fighting for cardiovascular disease. Expected attendees from Asian Pacific Regions will be more than 3,500, including physicians, scientists, and allied health care specialists, to take part in this eminent program.

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